About Us

Innovafabs is a crowdsourcing attempt which initiated as a specialized alternative to Fab-Lab concept. We are a group of open hardware lovers who want to share our experience and increase the potentials due collaboration not only in the field of invention but also in "non-productive" procedures such as components' supply and rapid prototype production.

Our goal was to fill the existed gap between prototyping and small scale production for EU citizens. Our vision is to offer under low cost proposals, the ability of small batch production to every innovator. Due the past years, each one of us built custom production machines and generate links to suppliers (especially in Far East) so now we are ready to supply specialized components and tools, oriented to digital fabricators. In addition, our experienced design team is ready to discuss your idea and provide you the most appropriate solutions from sketch to product

All our products can be shipped worldwide through registered airmail services (Royal Mail, EMS) or express services (DHL,UPS). Especially for South Europe we are able to offer Free Shipping for all orders over 25euros (net price).