• Open Source Thermal Cycler - PCB

The thermal cycler is capable of cycling to temperatures close to 100 degrees Celsius, or of holding at one temperature for a prolonged period of time. It has a heated lid, a 16 sample copper thermal block, a screen that displays the temperature, run time, and current cycle, and more.

PCR is used in biology to amplify small amounts of DNA to measurable levels. Applications include testing for HIV genes in the blood, amplifying DNA from a crime scene, testing for specific disease alleles, and determining paternity. This device we have built could be used in schools, in low-budget labs such as those in developing countries, and for interest, at home.

Keep in mind that it does not need to be used as a PCR machine. A few modifications and this could be a hot plate, or a set-up for automatic distillation. If you need a variable source of heat for any application, you can modify this device to make it suit your needs.

The service is for 1pc of double-layer PCB for Open Thermal Cycler

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Open Source Thermal Cycler - PCB

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