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Metering Systems on a Chip - SoC Mixed Signal MCU - Polyphase Metering System-on-Chip .           ..

The Texas Instruments MSP430F677x family of polyphase metering SoCs are powerful highly integrated
solutions for revenue meters that offer accuracy and low system cost with few external components. The F677x
family of devices uses the low-power MSP430 CPU with a 32-bit multiplier to perform all energy calculations,
metering applications such as tariff rate management, and communications with AMR and AMI modules.
The F677x devices feature TI's 24-bit sigma-delta converter technology, which provides better than 0.1%
accuracy. Family members include up to 512KB of flash, 32KB of RAM, and an LCD controller with support for
up to 320 segments.

The ultra-low-power nature of the F677x devices means that the system power supply can be minimized to
reduce overall cost. Lowest standby power means that backup energy storage can be minimized and critical data
retained longer in case of a mains power failure.

The F677x family of devices executes the TI energy measurement software library, which calculates all relevant
energy and power results. The energy measurement software library is available with the F677x devices at no
cost. Industry standard development tools and hardware platforms are available to speed development of meters
that meet all of the ANSI and IEC standards globally.

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