• EUMETCast Receiver station - NN version

EUMETCast receiver station - complete.

Neural Network (NN) version.

The current product is a custom build, complete solution for a EUMECast receiver AND data analysis station. Since the estimated data for 2018 services are at least 220GB per day, a rigid data analysis station is required to decompress, select, process and store the data required for each evaluation algorithm. By means of Big data analysis methods using NNs, the current system is able to handle the present as well forthcoming Extended Data Services from EUMETSAT.

The system consists of three basic elements:

  1. TBS 6903 DVB S2 receiver card
  2. NVIDIA embedded system with 192 CUDA cores
  3. Orange libraries for Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis


1) TBS6903, compatible with EUMETCast, is a Professional level digital satellite TV Tuner card with PCI Express interface. TBS6903 supports not only normal DVB-S2/DVB-S QPSK, 8PSK which is supported by normal satellite receivers, but also CCM, ACM, VCM, 16APSK, 32APSK, Multiple Transport Stream, Multiple Generic Stream, Combined Single Generic &Single TS, which most satellite receiving devices can’t support. With use of dedicated TBS tools, those special streams can be captured. The two advanced DVB-S2/S tuners enable you to watch TV channel from one satellite transponder, while recording channels from different satellite transponders from another tuner at the same time.

Frequency range: 950~2150 MHz
Dual channels DVB-S2/S 8PSK QPSK 16APSK 32APSK ACM/VCM
Symbol rate:
Maximum symbol DVB-S2 rate limitations (Msymb/s)

Msymb/s Demod LDPC Single Dual
QPSK 67.5 135 67.5 67.5
8PSK 67.5 90 67.5 45
16APSK 67.5 67.5 67.5 33.7
32APSK 67.5 54 54 27

DVB-S QPSK +1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8
Support Data Burst & Tone Burst
Support DiSEqC2.X and Motor

2) NVIDIA development kit

  • Tegra K1 SOC
    • NVIDIA Kepler GPU with 192 CUDA Cores
    • NVIDIA 4-Plus-1™ Quad-Core
      ARM® Cortex™-A15 CPU
  • 2 GB x16 Memory with 64-bit Width
  • 16 GB 4.51 eMMC Memory
  • 1 Half Mini-PCIE Slot
  • 1 Full-Size SD/MMC Connector
  • 1 Full-Size HDMI Port
  • 1 USB 2.0 Port, Micro AB
  • 1 USB 3.0 Port, A
  • 1 RS232 Serial Port
  • 1 ALC5639 Realtek Audio Codec with Mic
    In and Line Out

  • 1 RTL8111GS Realtek GigE LAN
  • 1 SATA Data Port
  • SPI 4 MByte Boot Flash

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EUMETCast Receiver station - NN version

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